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2017 Dues Are Due

January 27, 2017

The 2017 membership form in the November and December newsletters is not a hint; it’s time to pay your dues again.

I think this is a good time to clear up some misconceptions. Dues are not one payment for a lifetime – your membership in the WCSC must be renewed every January. Even if you are over 90 and have a free membership, you must turn in the form every year so that we know you are still in the area and haven’t moved to a mansion in Beverly Hills.

You must be a member to participate in certain activates, especially those using city or club transportation, such as the mini-van and travel office trips. Creakers pay membership dues as part of their Creaker dues, and filling out your Creaker paperwork will take care of it.

Membership conveys other benefits. You get a monthly newsletter listing all the Senior Center activities. You will be supporting things like our contributions to Meals on Wheels and the All-Abilities playground.

If you haven’t paid your dues, February was your last newsletter!

This blog and the senior page for the City of Walnut Creek have links to the 2017 Membership Application that you can download, print, and fill out.   And of course you can mail it or come to the Senior Center and join in person.



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