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Advisory Board Minutes for November 14, 2016

February 8, 2017

Walnut Creek Seniors Club
Advisory Board Meeting
November 14, 2016

President Fred Rentschler called the meeting to order at 9:35 a.m. and welcomed members and guests.

Present: Rolando Salazar, Jeanne Wolf, Annette Hammond, Dorothy Carver, Kent Clancy, Wayne Slater, Laurna Mendoza (Staff), Dick Dennis, Adriane Lee Bird (Staff), Melanie Aguilar (Guest), Robin Wolf (Guest), Katie Edwards (Guest Bazaar Group)

Katie Edwards spoke first, telling about the hard work being done to set up the

Holiday Bazaar Sale and asked anyone of us to please bring baked goods by 10 a.m.

On Thursday or Friday and bag cookies 3 to a bag. She also said they need pies and cakes.


  1. The Agenda for the Oct. 17 meeting was approved.

The Minutes from the Oct. 17 meeting were approved.

  1. President Fred Rentschler reported 86 attended the Halloween Bingo, with 92 tickets sold. It was a huge success. The Valet Parking was a fiasco – with only 5 people taking advantage of it, but we got a feel for how it should, or could, go. A lot of people were dropped off, it was a Monday with less activity at the Center and also rainy. We drew people who don’t normally come on a Thursday. This was first event organized by Melanie Aguilar and it got rave reviews for lunch.

Fred also spoke about the Liability Insurance for the Ski Club. The issue becomes very tricky due to restrictions regarding drivers, Class B driver license, individual responsibility, etc.  Wayne Slater advised that we tread carefully on this issue.


  1. Dick Dennis, Treasurer reported big expenses coming up, and membership fees coming in.

There was no correspondence during the month.


  1. Adriane reported the construction is due to begin Dec. 12 and continue till March 17 – maybe earlier. She also reported on a Grant of $198,000 for 62 and older or disabled.
  2. Adriane spoke about a plan for conference on aging – which would focus on Living Life Well.
  3. The Bingo Machine will be installed next Tuesday.
  4. A Deaf Club presentation on Adult Protective Services will be held in February.





III.         Unfinished Business


  1. 2 Mixer – will be from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Barbara Bacon and Jeanne Wolf will help.
  2. Bazaar Coordinator contract: The contract has been revised. Wayne motioned to approve the revision: Dorothy Carver seconded and the motion was approved.
  3. Holiday Boutique: The Creakers will cashier and provide security at the Bazaar sale – it was agreed that two $50.00 bills will be offered for the raffle. Melanie will start set up Thursday. The sale has been promoted on local TV, newspaper, flyers, facebook and everyone’s radar. She has good coordination with Martha. Pizza, lemonade and tea will be provided.
  4. Holiday Lunch: There will be open seating – unless you reserve a table for 8. A DJ will provide entertainment; and the line-dance instructor will give a brief lesson.  Wayne will invite 2 Marines. The declining attendance was discussed.
  5. Crab Feed: Bob Lloyd will be in charge and Kent Clancy will help. Beer and wine will be offered for sale. The cost will be $45.00 per person.



  1. Bingo: May 1, Cinco di Mayo – theme and day scheduled.
  2. Bingo Machine: The new Bingo Machine cost in the neighborhood of $9 K. Dorothy Carver motioned we donate the machine to the City as an asset.  Annette seconded and the motion passed 8-0.
  3. Liability Insurance: This insurance is due and costs about the same as last year. Jeanne Wolf motioned to renew the policy; Rolando seconded and the motion passed.
  4. Valentine Tea: Scheduled for February 2017 – same gal who organized it last year will repeat the coming event.


V.           Announcements/Ambassador Reports

  1. Several names were mentioned to replace current Treasurer. In order to update our current system to Quicken will require us to be on the Internet.
  2. Annette spoke about how our membership is aging, people have trouble getting here and could we offer rides. Could we pick up from Rossmoor?
  3. Speaker Series: Several suggestions offered: Uber/Internet/Mobility Matters/how to buy BART.


Respectfully submitted


Jody Johnson



Next Meeting:  December 19, 2016

Potluck Lunch



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