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Investment Discussion Group Meeting, February 21, 2017

February 20, 2017


Our next meeting will be on Tuesday Feb, 21, 2017   WCSC, at 1;30 pm.  I have had several e mails regarding our sharing of our portfolios,  We do not consider it bragging if you wish to reveal your percentages of return on your investments.  We do not ask for dollar amounts, it isn’t important if your account has ten thousand invested or ten million invested.  The idea is to share how you arrived at the final years increase in value. Was it by stocks, bonds, funds, or a combination of sorts.  So don’t be shy, lets here from more of you.  There were several members of our group that wanted to share last month but were unable to attend our meeting.  If you would to present your reports, I will be at the meeting about one o clock and we will make copies for the group, using the copy machine at the center.  E mail me if you have questions.

Remember the annual dues for the club are due now, and a parking sticker for the library garage is free at the front desk.  Coffee and Cookies as usual, and we ask for a $1.00 dollar free will donation.

Hope to see you there.
Best Regards,  Wayne Slater


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  1. Dave permalink

    Hi Wayne, could you provide your email address? We’re interested in your next investment meeting. Thanks!

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