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Advisory Board Minutes for May 15, 2017

June 27, 2017

May 15, 2017

President Annette Hammond called the meeting to order at 9:35am

Present : Barbara Bacon, Rolando Salazar, Fred Rentschler, Donn Sipes, Cindy Mohler, Kent Clancy, Fred Weston (PROS), Wayne Slater, Bob Mohler, Vanessa Roderiguez, Adriane Lee Bird,

1. A. The Agenda was approved
B. The Minutes from the previous meeting were approved with the following corrections by Bob Mohler:
There is about $15,000 less in assets than last year at this time.
The regulatory and tax filings are complete and $1275 has been saved since the CPA was not hired.
C. Treasurer’s report: Bob reported that thanks to payments from Hill and Dale we have caught up on new bills. The pancake breakfast cost us $1020 and the volunteer bags $144. Our account with Charles Schwab is now set up for potential stock contributions.
D. Correspondence; none

11 Manager/coordinator update:
A. Adrianne reported that a member has offered to donate a computer. When the renovation is done she would like to place some computers in an area for the public to use.
She would like to set up a goal session for the Board.
B. Vanessa reported that the volunteer bags were well accepted.
The newsletter was late because the computer was down.

111 Unfinished Business:
A. Speaker Series –Annette noted that someone from Hillendale will speak about continuing to live in your home.
Wayne said he had someone speak to the investment club about social security and retirement investing. Most of the attendee felt they had already made those decisions.
Jody suggested having someone from the highway patrol speak about senior scams. Fred will find the name of the woman who spoke previously.
B. Cinco De Mayo Bingo May 5 – Annette: over 82 people attended, the food was well accepted. Two people saw the announcement in the paper. Bob Mohler felt a need to discuss paying people to coordinate these functions. The income from the Bingo was $956.50. The expenses were $844.21. The coordinator charged $300. The Board felt it is was worth it to have a coordinator if no one volunteers to do so.
C. Christmas Party will be on December 7th. Barbara will check to see if there is a higher attendance requirement on a Friday.
D. Living Life A sign up sheet to man the booths was passed around. 147 people have signed up for the Health Series. Only 16 people signed up for lunch. Adrianne planned to include a raffle.
E. Friday Socials: The attendance continues to drop. Since it is a required meeting, the Board discussed what can be done to improve the attendance. The Board decided to look into scheduling it later at 12 or 12:30 rather than 11am.

1V New Business
A. Annette suggested placing a story about Catherine in the newsletter and seeing if the city would give her a plaque and if the mayor would make a make a proclamation.
B. The parking lot – construction will begin May 24-29th.
C. Ice Cream Social – Annette is organizing. She sent around a sheet for signups to help on July 14.
D. Pancake Breakfast – Bob recommended raising the price to $5.00. The Board voted to raise it to $4. Jody sent a memo requesting that the breakfast not be discontinued. One of the issues seems to be parking due to the meetings of the church. Adrianne will look into moving it to Heather Farms or allowing free parking the library lot. Too much sausage, Vanessa will check to see what is being ordered. If we want to include the public we should use it as a PR opportunity.
E. Ambassadors reports – Cindy reported that 50-60 people are posting on the blog. Wayne spoke of having a problem with replacements when he is gone.
V Announcements
A Fred Weston updated the Board on the improvements to Larkey Park.
B. Barbara reported that Jody has added two new trips, the Legion of Honor Arts the Degas, Impressionism, and the Paris Millinery Trade ($58) on August 8 and Backdoor View of Oakland and Alameda by Water on September 19 ($97).
Next meeting June 19, 2017

Adjourned at 10:45.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Bacon
Acting Secretary



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