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Advisory Board Minutes for June 19, 2017

July 26, 2017

Walnut Creek Seniors Club
Advisory Board Meeting
June 19, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 9:35 am by President Annette Hammond.

Present: Kent Clancy, Cindy Mohler, Linda Ausplund, Bob Mohler, Barbara Bacon, Donn Sipes, Jody Johnson, Wayne Slater, Annette Hammond, Jeanne Wolf. Also in attendance were Vanessa Rodriquez (staff), and Fred Weston, PROS.

I. Approval of Agenda – approved

Approval of Minutes – Approved. Additionally Annette suggested that the draft minutes be sent to all board members for review with 10 days to review and respond prior to them being finalized.

Treasurer’s Report – Bob Mohler reports that the club is about $2500 down from last month and we have a negative cash flow. The newsletter was mailed to 1323 members which is about 60 people down from the high point. He has paid a $1500 deposit for postage in May and that should take us through 2017 and into 2018. Cinco de Mayo Bingo showed about a $200 loss after payment of the credit card bill. Revenue is down from the Bazaar group compared to the same time last year. The March Madness sale was less successful than last year. Of the drop in groups Mahjong is doing well. Bob has now set up the account for possible stock donations and will be putting a notice in the newsletter and a form will be on the website and copies of the form will be at the front desk. Wayne Slater stated that he will make an announcement at the next Investment Club meeting.

**Annette wanted to stop and thank the staff for how well the Living Life Well event went after all their hard work.


II. Manager/Coordinator Update
As Adrienne was ill, Vanessa gave the update. There were 200 people in attendance at the Living Life Well event and over 50% were not members so it was also a good chance to promote the Walnut Creek Senior Club. Vanessa stated that with the hot weather there is now a cooling station in the lobby. Also there will be ongoing summer programs throughout the building. On August 24th there will be Theater Thursday and it will be the Vagabond Players doing A Bench in the Sun. There will be another Theater Thursday in October.

III. Unfinished Business
A. Catherine’s Party – Sadly Catherine passed away last week and thus it was decided to have a celebration of life for her at the June 23 Friday Social rather than the party. There will be people from Walnut Creek Manor attending as previously planned and the Club will be paying for their lunch.
B. Pancake Breakfast – Jody Johnson brought up the price increase to $4 as approved last month. She states that attendance is already down and suggests that the price increase doesn’t go into effect until 2018. She feels that the breakfast is a social event and shouldn’t be about profit. Bob Mohler stated that the loss is about $1000 so far this year. Parking continues to be a problem because of the church and the playground. There was some discussion of trying to get library parking available but no decision was made. Jody made a motion to postpone the breakfast cost increase to 2018 and it was seconded by Barbara Bacon. The motion passed with 2 nays.
C. Bingo Machine – We have bingo every Thursday but apparently the new bingo machine is not working. The Club paid about $10,000 a year ago and it is still not being used. No one at the Board meeting knew why and it was decided that Wayne will contact Preston to discuss the problem and report back to the Board.
D. Friday Social – Annette brought up the fact that since Elfie has passed away there is no one to run the kitchen for the Friday Social. Attendance has been going down with not even 40 people last month. For this month it was felt that the kitchen staff who worked with Elfie will be able to handle it but the Club will need to find someone to run it going forward. This brought up the fact that we need more volunteers in general. There was a suggestion that a list of the volunteer openings be prepared and left at the front desk. Bob suggested a volunteer job fair.
E. Parking – Barbara Bacon went to the city council meeting and spoke about the parking issues for the Senior Club and she felt the council was concerned but no decision was made. Annette thanked Barbara for taking the time to go to the meeting.
F. Speaker Series – Lorna from Hillendale will be coming to speak but there has been a low sign up at this time. Adrienne suggested that some of the breakout speakers from Living Life Well would be great speakers for the Speaker Series as they were so well received.

IV. New Business/Reports
A. Ice Cream Social – This will be held on July 14th and volunteers are needed to work at it.
B. Water Color class – George Jardin has volunteered to give a class on water colors. The details of what he has in mind were not clear and it was decided to have George speak with Vanessa about his suggestions.
C. Ambassadors Reports – Wayne Slater, a trustee, reported that he has visited Dorothy Carver, the other trustee, and she is not doing well. The audit is scheduled and Wayne will find out how to get access to First Republic Bank accounts. Bob Mohler is on the account and volunteered to go with Wayne to the bank and get copies of the statem ents. It is due in July.
Creakers – Donn Sipes reports that the first half is almost over and the Hall of Fame game is coming up. The Hall of Fame honors members who have contributed a great deal to the Creakers. There will be a barbecue and awards presentation (T-shirts).
Investment – Wayne stated that meetings have been difficult as the location has changed. July meeting has been cancelled due to the location problem. Also, attendance is dropping and he states that when he needs a volunteer to step in for him when he is on vacation there are no volunteers.
• Discussion again about getting volunteers and Barbara will do an article in the WC Journal about volunteer opportunities.
D. Elfie’s Donation – Elfie’s family has decided that they will state that any donation that people might wish to make should be made to the Walnut Creek Senior Club. Annette asked if there should be a special account to receive the possible donations. Treasurer Bob Mohler stated he will keep a side list of the donations if they come and then a separate account could be considered.

V. Announcements
A. Trips – Jody stated that she had just completed a successful 3 day trip to Yosemite. On September 12 there will be a trip to the SF Muni Museum and lunch at the Ferry Building. New Years will be in Memphis and they will be staying next door to Graceland.
B. PROS – Fred Weston reported that Larkey Park is now open with the new splash park.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:40 am.


Respectfully submitted,


Jeanne Wolf



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