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County Connection Accepts Clipper Cards

August 9, 2017

County Connection riders can now use Clipper cards – the all-in-one transit fare payment card! Clipper is more convenient, and more secure than using cash. Riders can stop carrying multiple cards. A Clipper card is accepted by most East Bay transit systems: including BART, County Connection, Tri Delta Transit, SamTrans, CalTrain, WestCAT and Wheels.

Riders using Clipper can also save money. Clipper cards have a stored value, and as long as you have enough money on your card, you just tap the card reader to pay. The Clipper equipment deducts the proper fare for your card, and if you have a senior Clipper cards, you automatically get the senior discount for any participating transit system.

No more fumbling with unfamiliar card dispensing systems, no more leftover cards with value on them. And when you need to reload your card with cash, you can do it at Whole Foods, Walgreens or use the Bart machines that dispense paper tickets. If you are familiar with computers, or have children that can help you, you can set up Clipper to automatically transfer cash from your bank account to your Clipper card. No more being stranded on unfamiliar platforms or searching for an ATM.

Clipper also recognizes value passes – 31-Day East Bay Value Pass – Express – $70East Bay Value Passes are accepted on County Connection, Tri Delta Transit, Wheels, and WestCAT (except LYNX) buses. When purchased on your Clipper card the Value Pass is valid for a rolling 31 days, rather than a set calendar month, like County Connection Regular Monthly East Bay Passes. The 31-day period begins when the card is first used.

Often it seems that most changes are for the worst. But the Clipper card can make your life easier. Don’t miss out!



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