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Contra Costa County Community Warning System

October 25, 2017

The Contra Costa County Community Warning System  (CWS) is a hazard public warning systems.   The CWS is a partnership of the Office of the Sheriff, the Health Services Department, other government agencies, industry, news media and the non-profit Community Awareness & Emergency Response (CAER) organization, for the purpose of delivering time-sensitive and potentially life-saving information to the people of Contra Costa County.

CWS can be used for any situation in which there is an imminent threat to life or health. Some examples of common types of emergencies the system is activated for are: hazardous materials incidents, law enforcement activities, missing persons, utility outages, gas leaks, road closures, man-made disasters, inclement weather, etc. The CWS may also be used to advise affected members of the public when follow-up action is required.

Do not call CWS, they will call you!  Do not call 911 for information about an incident, unless you are reporting a life threatening emergency. Instead,  set up a method m to receive information about an incident –  acquire a weather radio that has the NOAA chaneel or register to receive voice and text alerts on your cell phone or e-mail.  If you have a landline, it’s automatically registered.

You can always check the CWS website at or their Facebook and Twitter page at CoCoCWS.   All CWS alerts get posted online, on the website and social media, including a map of the affected area. However, the fastest way to receive CWS alerts is on your cellphone. Visit to register to receive CWS alerts.

If you receive a notification, shelter yourself, your family, and your pets (if possible) inside, away from the outside air.  Shut and lock doors and windows. Turn off vents, air conditioners and fans.  Listen to telephone notifications, radio and TV broadcasts and other sources of official information to learn how long you should stay inside and anything else you should do to protect your health.

May we never have to use the warning system!



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