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Housemate Match

November 29, 2017

Program matches East Bay Seniors with a Spare Bedroom with Housemates

Episcopal Senior Communities of Walnut Creek is launching a pilot program in Concord to match seniors with a spare bedroom with prospective renters.  Home Share Contra Costa seeks to keep older adults in their homes and provide affordable hosing.

Eligible home seekers may earn up to 90% of the county median income or $61,380 for a single-person household.  Once Episcopal Senior Communities identifies a potential match based upon a list of preferences the organization runs background check on both parties, reviews their references, visits the home and arranges for them to meet.

The nonprofit helps the housemates develop a written agreement that covers rent and utilities, expectations regarding the division of housework, any exchange of services in lower rent and lifestyle choices.

After making a match Episcopal Senior Communities provides mediation and counseling to try to ensure a successful living situation.  The nonprofit also checks in with housemates periodically during the first year they live together.  Either party may dissolve the agreement by giving 30 days written notice.

For information about Home Share Contra Costa, call 925-451-9890 or visit



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