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Walnut Creek Ice Skating Rink is Open

December 1, 2017

Warning!  The Walnut Creek Ice skating rink is open!

Because the rink steals parking spaces, and nobody can pass up a free parking space, parking is almost impossible when the rink is open. We could find only one parking space in the upper parking lot at 4:00 pm on a Thursday.   Be prepared to dodge cars.  People who use walkers or can’t walk long distances should arrange to be dropped off.  So make your plans accordingly.

The skate park is scheduled to close on January 15, but it has been extended in previous years.  We will announce when this annoyance is closed.


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  1. Nancy Balassi permalink

    You offer so many wonderful activities, but I would appreciate it if you would remove my mom, Rose Mary Balassi, from your mailing list. She passed away in September. Thanks.

    • My condolences on your loss. I passed your request to the people who keep the roster. The February newsletter is the last one she should receive.

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