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Prepare for Online Shopping

March 7, 2018

If online shopping fills you with dread, be prepared to adapt. The news has been filled with articles about how bricks and mortar stores are struggling. If my recent experience is typical, I believe stores are in trouble.

My story starts a year ago with my quest for a powered USB hub, an inexpensive computer accessory which everybody needs. I walked into a big box store because I expected it to have plenty of selection, but the aisles were taking up half of the floor space. The salesman explained that they only carry one brand. The store was respectable and the price was right, so I bought it.

The hub breaks after only one year. This is shoddy workmanship, so I resolve to never buy this brand again. This time I do my research, and the top rated brand is just as inexpensive. Before I can order online, I find myself driving by the same store’s parking lot. I decide to stop because I know exactly what brand I want. Now they don’t even carry powered hubs. If I didn’t want it today, I would order it online. Bottom line is that I ordered online and I liked my new hub so much, that I bought another one for the other computer. Did I stop in the brick and mortar store? You have got to be kidding!


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