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Investment Discussion Group Meeting – March 20, 2018

March 18, 2018


our next meeting is Tuesday march 20,  1;30 pm at the WCSC.  Our first topic will be Real Estate,,, the physical type and the paper kind,  stocks,  Reits,  Sectors.  Please put on your thinking cap,  Nell will have a fun and interesting quiz for us all.  No prizes just the satisfaction that you may learn something new, or just to verify that we are all unrecognized geniuses.

We also were challenged  with the idea of presenting our best stock picks to share with the group.  If you would like to inform the group about your best choices,  you are invited to present your findings,  I will make copies for the group so be sure to arrive a little early,  the copy machine is much smarter than I am,  so it takes me a  while to adjust to modern technology.

We ask for a one dollar drop in fee, and we offer free coffee and cookies,  parking is your greatest challenge..  hope to see you all soon.

Best Regards,  Wayne Slater

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