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Advisory Board Minutes for January 22, 2018

June 13, 2018

Walnut Creek Seniors Club

Advisory Board Meeting

January 22, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 9:35 am by President Annette Hammond.


Present: Rolando Salazar, Fred Rentschler, Donn Sipes, Kent Clancy, Barbara Bacon, Jody Johnson, Linda Ausplund, Annette Hammond, Jeanne Wolf.  Also in attendance were Adriane Lee Bird (to 10:30 am), and Vannessa Rodriquez (staff). Fred Weston from PROS attended. Guest Bob Lloyd.

The elected Board members were sworn in by Adriane Lee Bird.


  1. Approval of Agenda – approved.

Approval of Minutes – approved

Treasurer’s Report – Bob Mohler was not in attendance but a handout he had prepared was given to all. Total funds as of 12-31-16 were $241,854 including $18,832 for the Creakers.  For 2017 total funds are $235,661 including $21,997 for the Creakers.  Total funds available to WCSC have declined $9358 from last year.

Correspondence – none


  1. Manager/Coordinator Update.
    1. Vannessa Rodriquez –In March scholarships will be available for classes up to $250 per person. The City of Walnut Creek pays 50% as of 2018. A new volunteer activity is coming – Giving in Gratitude. Each season will be a service opportunity for those over 50 to give back to the community. The cost is $10 and it includes transportation and a debriefing with appetizers after. The thought is to give people a chance to volunteer without a long term commitment.  The first chance is March 8th at Habitat for Humanity.

Adriane Lee Bird – the plaza project in front of the WCSC has begun under a CDBG grant which will bring the plaza up to ADA requirements. They will be doing half at a time for accessibility. There will be painting work done inside during the bad weather (lobby area). There has been a transportation grant to the WCSC for the mini bus and Adriane is trying to extend it to include fee rides on Lyft for evening events.

Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Walnut Creek and Walnut Creek Seniors Club – a copy was handed out to the Board to review. This is to outline the City’s and WCSC’s expectations of each other. It includes a large change in that the WCSC will contribute in providing the newsletter and processing memberships.

This will be discussed further at the February Board meeting after everyone has had a chance to review.



III          Unfinished Business

  1. Bazaar – Alexandra was to have come to the meeting but didn’t appear. It was decided that the Holiday Bazaar will be one day in November at the Assembly Hall.
  2. Bridge Group – The group has said that they are open to new members and rotating. It was agreed that Barbara would drop in on the group. Preston had them sign an agreement regarding this.
  3. Crab Feed – The Crab Feed is to be held this month. It was decided not to have an item prize raffle but rather a 50/50 raffle for cash prizes. Wayne to sell raffle tickets. At this time there are 102 tickets sold. It was agreed to comp the meals of the kitchen and bar volunteers. The Boy Scouts will do the flag ceremony. We will contribute $200 to the troop and provide pizza for the scouts that are also doing the serving. Melanie is getting things together. It was agreed that the cut off would be Wednesday. Tickets sold after 1-20-18 will be $50.
  4. Friday Social – so far only 22 people have signed up. Jody has held off in getting more entertainment after this month. Adriane is working on ideas to change up the social. If it is held quarterly the bylaws would need to be changed as the Friday Social is the monthly business meeting. It was agreed to continue through March. We will discuss this further next meeting as well as the need for the bylaws change.
  5. Valentine Tea – It is February 9th from 11-1 pm. Linda is organizing it. As of today only 16 people have signed up. There has already been an email blast to remind people. Linda will hold off on purchasing things to see if more people sign up. It was agreed that we need at least 40 people in order to hold the event.
  6. Recap of 2017 – Valentine Tea 80 people, Cinco de Mayo 90, Ice Cream Social 80, Halloween Bingo 80-90, Mixer 20, Holiday Lunch 55 senior club members plus City of Walnut Creek. Thursday Theater and Wine Night – getting more people.
  7. Waivers – They will be tailored to each group. Members sign as they join the group. Kent is working on doing them for the sports activities.
  • New Business
    1. Jody – Jody is giving up the travel job as of the end of 2018. We will need to look for a new person to organize day and overnight trips. Annette and Adriane are looking into it. They will take applications, have them do a trip and attend themselves. There needs to be an escort for the trips.
    2. Plaque for Luke – Annette brought the plaque for Luke McKeever to show the Board. She will call his wife and deliver it. Preston wrote an article for the newsletter.
    3. There was a suggestion that there be a monthly article to highlight a volunteer.
    4. Speaker series – Annette stated that her husband Bill Hammond will do a class on Cloud Computing. That topic was enthusiastically received.
    5. Ambassadors – no reports except that Donn Sipes will be the Creaker representative. He stated this is a quiet time and the season kicks off April 3rd and 4th. Player safety considerations discussed last month are now in the player handbook.
  1. Announcements
    1. Jody – several trips are coming up. Home Strange Home is April 3rd and Petaluma River Cruise will be May 10th. She is pleased to see new people showing up.
    2. PROS – Nothing for this time.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:23 am.


Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Wolf



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