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Why you need a USB hub

July 18, 2018

I told you about my attempt to buy a powered hub, but I didn’t tell you why you might need it. USB connectors can be swapped in and out without powering down, so if you don’t have enough connectors, you are constantly re-arranging them. But the plugs tend to wear down a little every time you plug them in and out. So I use the connectors built in to the computer for the items I always keep connected, such as the hub, and my backup drive.

The others I connect with my hub. When the connectors on the hub wear out, I replace it with a $35 hub, rather than buy a new computer.

Apple owners of equipment with c connectors aren’t left out in the cold. You can buy c connector hubs online, but Apple doesn’t make or sell them. That opens the door to shoddy equipment that doesn’t even last a year. Carefully check the reviews for any equipment that you are planning to buy.


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