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CC County Elder Abuse Prevention Program

August 15, 2018

One Call to Reach Us All:
(925) 521-6366
(510) 974-7200

The purpose of the Elder Abuse Protection Program is to prevent and combat the abuse, neglect, and exploitation of elders and dependent adults in Contra Costa County.  The Project is designed to provide direct services to senior in a coordinated manner. The program design focuses on the areas where direct service is most required: financial abuse, case management, and counseling.  The Project also allows the County to put in place a common data collection tool to ensure that these cases are handled in a more coordinated fashion.

To accomplish their mission they seek to increase:

  • Identification  and resolution of elder financial abuse cases in Contra Costa County
  • Safety of elder victims victims of abuse as evidenced by an increase in victims receiving services and reporting safety
  • County service coordination through better understanding of the many forms of elder abuse
  • Community awareness and understanding of elder abuse.

As it was explained to me, this is the umbrella organization for all county elder abuse services.  A councilor will determine what services are needed.  The victim doesn’t have to call all the individual agencies.  The councilor will notify the people that provide the necessary services, and they will contact the victim.

Elder Abuse Protection Program web site:


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