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Investment Discussion Group Meeting – February 20, 2018

August 20, 2018


we are back on schedule,  our next meeting will be on Aug. 21, st,  1;30 pm at the WCSC,  several topics come to mind,  how are your bond funds doing, do you have exposure to the international bonds,  Turkey is a problem area and it appears that several other European countries may be in trouble,  does this trend continue and if so, what should or could we do with our portfolios.  Emerging markets are back in the negative news feeds,  lets talk about this,    Where is the safe place to to put our money,   other than the mattress fund. if you have something to copy for presentation. let me know and we will make copies prior to the meeting,   Once again coffee and cookies,  free parking sticker for the library garage if you are a club member,   and you may join for half price for the balance of this year.  and we ask for a one dollar free will donation to support the club,,    hope to see you all there.

Best Regards,

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