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HICAP Medicare Counseling

August 23, 2018

It’s that time again.  Our mailboxes will soon be overflowing with pitches to switch our Medicare coverage.  While government plans are standardized into a number of levels identified by letters, prescription drug coverage remains a mystery.

Fortunately, HICAP is here to help.  Last year was my first for Medicare, so I booked an appointment at the Walnut Creek Senior Center, hoping that they could cut through the confusion and point me towards what I needed to know.  The counselors are all volunteers, and wouldn’t be there if the y didn’t want to help.    My councilor was extremely patient and helpful, and walked me through the application process.  Before my appointment,   I had to go to the Medicare website, and enter my list of prescription drugs.  The HICAP counselor presented me with a print out of at least 10 insurance companies, and what they would charge me for each of my drugs.  It totaled the amount and pointed out the company with the cheapest cost.  Mystery solved. .  The HICAP list was much better than I could have generated online   Now if we could only get rid of the vile doughnut hole.

Even though you have been in Medicare for a long time and know it well, if your drug profile has changed significantly, it’s time for a new evaluation.  If I had it to do over again, I would make an appointment with HICAP.


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