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Investment Discussion Group Meeting – February 20, 2018

September 16, 2018


our next meeting will be on Tuesday Sept 18, 1;30 pm at the WCSC.  During the last meeting we discussed diversification of our portfolios,  I made a statement that the overall  total stock market index fund performed at a higher return than many of the other funds I was aware of.  I will offer a limited, chart to the group to show what has transpired for the past ten years.  I will use Vanguard, as I am most familiar with their website   I would encourage you to provide some other charts and graphs to help us all determine what may work best for our investments.  I will make copies for you.    I have received several e mails this month and they suggested we discuss individual stock selection which may boost our returns,  Any ideas out there, lets share your expertise and find that hidden money maker that works for you.

As usual we will have coffee and cookies,  lots of time for open discussion of new and old ideas.  Remember that you must be a member of the WCSC to obtain a free parking sticker for the library garage.  Hope to see you all there, and we always appreciate your one dollar donation to help support the club.

Best Regards,

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