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Advisory Board Minutes for July 16, 2018

September 19, 2018

Walnut Creek Seniors Club
Advisory Board Meeting
July 16, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 9:40 am by President Annette Hammond.


Present: Rolando Salazar, Fred Rentschler, Jody Johnson, Barbara Bacon, Bob Mohler, Cindy Mohler, Linda Ausplund, Annette Hammond, Jeanne Wolf.  Also in attendance were Adriane Lee Bird and Vannessa Rodriguez (staff). Fred Weston from PROS attended.

  1. Approval of Agenda – approved.

Approval of Minutes – approved

Correspondence – A Thank You note from the family of Jerry Suydam was read.


Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Bob Mohler supplied the monthly summary. Total funds as of 6-30-18 are $248,081 which includes restricted funds of $22,161.Cash wise we are doing better than last year. Dues are behind last year, reflecting the downward trend the last several years.


  1. Manager/Coordinator Update
    1. Adriane Lee Bird – Summer camp is in full swing. It is at full capacity of 30 kids. It goes for 7 weeks and is held in the Assembly Hall.

Garden Club – there are 6 people interested but a coordinator is still needed.

Lyft Program – there has been lots of interest in the program with over 50 applications thus far. You must be a Senior Club member (has brought in some new memberships), and over 60 years old. There are limited funds for this program for 2 years. It is open to all qualified and they can call and schedule through the Senior Club or go on the Lyft App. It is not available while the mini bus is running.

Plaza – the plaza is done except for the exercise equipment.

Assembly Hall – the roof is leaking and Adriane has found a grant to replace it.

  1. Vannessa Rodriguez – August 16 is Theater Thursday and it is comedy entitled Sylvia.

Board games have been purchased for drop in and the place and times for the games will be published. Probably the Multipurpose Room.

There will be a low impact kick boxing class coming up.

Market Day – volunteers needed from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm on Tuesdays.   This will be held August 14th from 10:30-12:30 and will provide fresh produce at wholesale prices for older folks. It will be every second Tuesday.

Volunteer Recognition – this has been moved to April from September.

  1. Preston Jones – not present



  • Unfinished Business
    1. Ice Cream Social – this was successfully held July 13 and about 50 people attended including some children and parents from the park.
    2. Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) – There were three changes done regarding fund raising, contract termination of 90 days by any party and lettering and renumbering.…..

A motion was made by Fred Rentschler that we accept the MOU as presented today. The motion carried 7-2.  A question by Bob was why the MOU is needed and Adriane answered that the City requires the agreement will all entities with whom it works.

C    Jody’s Replacement – JD was considering taking Jody’s place but after his fall on the trip and Jody’s discussion with him he has decided it won’t work. It was decided to use Pleasant Hill Travel Center through January. November is Jody’s last trip. Jody and Annette will continue to look into possibilities.


IV          . New Business

  1. Friday Social September 21 – this will be a barbecue dinner catered by Simple Elegance. Barbara is in charge. It was suggested that there be music and Jerry G or guitar music was suggested.
  2. Parking – Jeanne brought up a problem with tickets being given when members with stickers were parked under the library during Senior Club hours. It happened to her and was very complicated to contest. Adriane stated staff will help as members need it.
  3. Speaker series – Energy Upgrades are being done through PG&E for seniors 65 and above who can produce a Medicare card. They will replace lights, fixtures, etc. A speaker on this is booked for October. Dates to be provided.


  1. Announcements –
    1. PROS – Fred stated that there was no meeting last month
    2. Jody Trips – There is a new trip for November which is Poinsettia Farm in Modesto.
    3. Ambassadors Reports – Creakers reports that on Tuesday the games for “more vulnerable” players started and seems to be going well. There is enough for two teams.


Meeting adjourned,


Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Wolf






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