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Advisory Board Minutes for August 20, 2018

October 24, 2018

Walnut Creek Seniors Club
Advisory Board Meeting
August 20, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 9:40 am by President Annette Hammond.

Present: Rolando Salazar, Donn Sipes, Jody Johnson, Barbara Bacon, Bob Mohler, Cindy Mohler, Kent Clancy, Wayne Slater, Annette Hammond, Jeanne Wolf.  Also in attendance were Adriane Lee Bird (staff) and Fred Weston from PROS.

  1. Approval of Agenda – approved.

Approval of Minutes – approved


Prior to the rest of the meeting, the Board heard from Jackie Nissim who has been in discussion with Annette and Jody in regard to the travel position. Jackie spoke to the Board.  She has been in travel since the 1980’s and lived in Walnut Creek since 1971. She does not want a full time position. She had been thinking of the requirements and had some concerns.  She believes the position should be part of Parks and Rec. She would want to create a team of at least 3 people.  She is concerned about insurance provided for the job. She sees this as a job for pay. Jackie then left the meeting after a bit of further discussion.

The Board discussed what needs to be done going forward.  It was decided that Adrienne would look into insurance and talk to travel agencies then report back to the Board.


Treasurer’s Report – Unrestricted funds as of July 31, 2018 were $223,328 and restricted funds were $21,221 for a total of $244,549.  There has been a pick up in new members likely due to the Lyft ride program. Friday social lost $1170 last year and as of 7-31-18 this year has lost $2161. The Pancake Breakfast lost $902 last year and this year as of 7-31-18 has lost $1510. Average number of people attending is about 60. The Bazaar Group has lost $5298 as of 7-31-18 compared to a loss of $5109 last year. Some income expected from the Holiday Bazaar in November.  Bob believes the loss will be about the same as last year all told.

There was a donation on behalf of Luke McKeever of $200.  Annette moved that the $200 be donated to Special Recreation program. Kent seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Correspondence – Annette has heard from Marianne Sams who had a knee replacement and is still recovering due to complications. She will be out a couple of weeks more. Adrienne will inquire how she is doing and if she needs any subs for her trips.


  1. Manager/Coordinator Update.
    1. Adrienne – the Lyft program has had a good response which is also due to good press – Contra Costa Times, etc. Other cities are looking to model after our program. Due to the volume etc., Danica has taken over the Mini Bus dispatch from 9 am to 10 am.

Parking – Adrienne is hoping to have parking in the back lot by permit only soon. Someone mentioned the concern with the Meals on Wheels cars in the lot and Vannessa will talk to the people at Meals on Wheels about parking at pick up.

The Center will be closed the first week of April and some work will be done.

WCSC is still looking for someone to act as the Garden Club coordinator.


Adrienne read from Vannessa’s notes as she was not able to attend:

Theater Thursday had attendance of 60 people. Down due to it being summer?

Halloween – we will be hosting a Halloween carnival event again with the local preschool. Volunteers will be needed.

Giving in Gratitude is set for September 13th and only 3 spots are still open. It will be at the Bay Area Crisis Nursery.

Market Day – there were over 150 people who were there to purchase produce and several dozen who asked questions about WCSC programs. The next Market Day is September 11. Volunteers are still needed.

Coffee and Board Games – this is a new drop in group scheduled for Mondays. Games such as Apples to Apples, Boggle, Cranium, Pictionary, Yahtzee, Scrabble and Trivia Pursuit.

Lunch and Learn – at the last program “Getting Connected to Your Community Resources” we had over 40 people and 58 people for the lunch that day ( one of the highest attendance days).  The next Lunch and Learn will be September 19th and will be on the Home Match Program, specifically for older adults. The program interviews prospective homeowners and home seekers, and then connects people by personal preferences, house types and interests.


  • Unfinished Business
    1. Friday Social September 21st – This will be a barbecue catered by Simple Elegance and will cost $10 per person. Jody will get getting the entertainment.
    2. Halloween Bingo- This will be managed by Melanie and tickets will be on sale in September.
    3. Jody’s replacement – see previous discussion.
    4. Focus Group Meeting – Jody and Annette attended. There was a gentleman there from Boundary Oaks who would like to discuss WCSC perhaps doing something with them. Also the Downtown Busisness Association might be a possibility for partnering with them for something like Oktoberfest.


IV      New Business

  1. Audit – Wayne, Rolando and Linda went to Republic Bank where the WCSC accounts are and they report that all is in order. Bob brought up that there needs to be a beneficial owner for the CD accounts.
  2. Speaker Series – The ladies from the PG&E subcontractor for the free home energy program will be coming in October.
  3. Nominating Committee – Wayne and Jeanne volunteered. Bob and Linda are not going to run next year. We need to know who will stay on and also will need another trustee. Rolando volunteered.
    1. PROS – Fred stated that the Creakers issue has been resolved. Boundary Oaks has been successful after the renovations in getting more banquets, etc. Also, due to fire in the Lime Ridge Open Space people are asked not to go off trail while hiking so the growth can recover.
    2. Trips – Jody stated that the next week would be the Kings Canyon trip and in November the Poinsettia trip.
    3. Ambassadors Report – Creakers are winding down and the playoffs and final barbecue are coming up. There will also be Fall Ball – a 10 week season. Teams are forming now.

Cindy – The Blog has had move views and visitors over the numbers in 2017 – about 12% more views and 10% more visitors. Total views for 2018 so far are 7336.  The most popular pages are Weekly Activities, About, Creaker Softball and Drop In Programs.

Kent suggested a party for new members to explain the programs. Tabled for next meeting.

Wayne – stated that he has no substitute for leading the Investment Club. If he can’t come then it is cancelled.


Meeting adjourned at 10:53 am


Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Wolf



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