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Advisory Board Minutes for September 17, 2018

November 14, 2018

Walnut Creek Seniors Club
Advisory Board Meeting
Monday, September 17, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 9:37 am by President Annette Hammond.


Present: Annette Hammond, Don Sipes, Fred Rentschler, Kent Clancy, Cindy Mohler, Barbara Bacon, Jody Johnson, Wayne Slater, Bob Mohler and Linda Ausplund. Also, in attendance were Adriane Lee Bird (staff), Vanessa Rodriquez (staff) and Carolyn Jackson (staff).

  1. Approval of Agenda — approved

Approval of Minutes – approved


Treasurers Report – Bob Mohler reported that the Unrestricted Funds are $226,109, restricted funds are $21,231 for a total of $247,340. General comments and observations: Dues & Donations roughly the same as last year; Friday Social expense is up as we aren’t being subsidized by Hillendale; Trips & Tours revenue is down because of Jody limiting her trips before retirement.


Correspondence – The Club received a thank you note From Preston Jones on behalf of the donation made to Specialized Recreation on behalf of Luke McKeever.


  1. Management/Coordinator Update
  2. Adrianne Lee Bird announced of her departure from the City of Walnut Creek. Her last day will be Friday, September21, 2018. Adriane introduced Carolyn Jackson as the interim Manager until a permanent person is found. Carolyn will be at Civic Park on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays. Lisa Llorente will be present on Wednesday and Fridays.

New chairs, carts and tables will be arriving soon. These are being funded by the City’s replacement fund.

Exercise Equipment will be installed next month. The steel ping pong ball table and walking trail within Civic Park will be in use within 6 months.

The Bazaar Group will be spending approximately $500 on yarn and a new sewing machine.

Next Monday, a project to replace the Assembly Hall roof will begin. There are a number of leaks. Roof color will be changed and eventually match outer walls and roof of the library.

The Lift Program is being used by 250+ riders. It continues to be well-received with other cities and organizations looking at the program.

Back Lot will be permit only. Seniors who are drop-ins or using the library that don’t have permits was voiced as a concern.


  1. Vanessa reported that next Lunch & Learn Program will be the “Home Match” Program. The November meeting will be on Wednesday, Nov. 14 “Eating for Everyday Wellness”. Market Day saw 120+ last week. Almost all of the produce sold. Volunteers for the program are still needed. 15 people attended the Giving Gratitude Program. Staff (2) was also present. Check the November Newsletter for upcoming events.

Volunteers are needed for the co-generational Halloween Walk through the community center by the preschoolers. It will take place on Halloween.


lll.            Unfinished Business

  1. Friday Social – Sept. 21 has a deadline of today for tickets. As of this morning, 29 tickets have been purchased. CDs will be played and the buffet style BBQ will be served in the Social Hall. Simple Elegance is catering.
  2. Waiver – Annette Hammond suggested that, for 2019, we make sure that all groups receive the new waivers. A “thank you” went out to Kent Clancy for his work on the new waivers.
  3. Halloween Bingo will be held on Friday, Oct. 26. Tickets will be available on Monday, Sept. 24 at the price of $10. Pizza and salad will be served.
  4. Travel Center – Jody Johnson and Annette Hammond met with the Travel Center. The company will take care of everything except money collection and escorts. This company has worked with surrounding senior centers and will train escorts. A notice will be included in the newsletter asking for 5 escort volunteers. Wayne Slater is considering the position of escort.

are being formulated. An inventory of wine and beer has been submitted.

  1. Crab Feed – As a reminder, Bob Lloyd will be in charge of the 2019 Crab Feed.

Thank you, Bob…more info to follow.

  1. New Business/Reports
  2. Nominating Committee – Wayne reported that Don Sipes and Linda Ausplund will not be returning in 2019. Candidates/replacements have not been found. Don Sipes suggested a member of the Creaker Membership be invited to serve on the Board. Fred Rentschler is talking to a Creaker who might be willing to run for president in 2020. By October we need a slate. Jeanne Wolf advised Annette that she will return to serve as Secretary.
  3. The next Speaker Series involving PG&E will be held on October 17. Rolando Salazar shared his experience as being positive. Participants that qualify must have Social Security benefits.
  4. Adriane mentioned that, soon, the copier will be locked. All groups and specific individuals will be given a code.


  1.  Announcements/Ambassadors Report
  2. Trips – Jody has a trip to the Symphony in January and a Valentine surprise in


  1.   Creakers – Don reported that the fall season will begin soon. The possibility of

returning to 3 leagues in 2019 is a strong consideration.  The Creakers are using a new

registration program that allows players to go online and register. Waivers are included.

The program is called “Club Express”.

  1. Wayne Slater reported that the new waiver is being used in the Investment Club and

has been well accepted.


Meeting Adjourned followed by a Farewell to Adriane with flowers and cake.


Submitted by Linda Ausplund, Trustee



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