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Advisory Board Minutes for October 15, 2018

November 28, 2018

Walnut Creek Seniors Club
Advisory Board Meeting
Monday, October 15, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 9:37 am by President Annette Hammond.


Present: Annette Hammond, Don Sipes, Fred Rentschler, Kent Clancy, Barbara Bacon, Bob Mohler and Linda Ausplund. Also, in attendance were Stacy Miller (staff), Vanessa Rodriquez (staff), Carolyn Jackson (staff), Fred Weston (PROS) and Alexandra Milukhin, Bazaar Coordinator

  1. Approval of Agenda — approved

Approval of Minutes – approved


Treasurers Report – Bob Mohler reported that the Total Assets are $243,934. Included in the total are Unrestricted, Checking and Restricted Funds.

Observations: Unrestricted funds increased by $1,968 due to a donation to the Creakers by Chevron. Newsletter costs are down as more are being emailed. Expenses for Friday Socials are up. MOU with the City of Walnut Creek started Oct. 1 so Bob is accumulating costs and will be meeting with Carol Cheveta who is the City’s representative.


No Correspondence


Holiday Boutique – Alexandra passed out post cards advertising the upcoming Holiday Boutique. Flyers and posters will (also) be distributed to businesses, City Hall, etc. Melanie is doing a media outreach. The event is being held Nov. 2 – 3, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm at Heather Farm.  Alexandra is concerned about low productivity as compared to last year. She is looking into letting artisans rent tables during the event.

Creakers will help transport the items from Civic Park to Heather Farm. Agreement to purchase a $50 upgrade on our “square” so it can read chips on charge cards. Alexandra is supplying lunch all 3 days. Bob, 2 Creakers, Barbara and Annette will be working. Alexandra’s friend will be in the kitchen baking goodies and Preston will be on the MIC. Raffle tickets will go on sale now with the drawing held on Dec. 14 at the Holiday Mixer. Preston will pick up Safeway Gift Cards for the hourly drawings.


  1. Management/Coordinator Update
  2. Carolyn Jackson, Interim Manager, announced that Preston Jones will be relieved of most of his Social Services duties in order to devote more time to the Specialized Recreation Program. Stacy will take over the drop-in programs and the Mini Bus. Plans are moving forward with permitted parking in the inner lot. Signage is coming in December. The LYFT Program continues to grow. Carolyn is looking into a fundraising project as the grant that supports the LYFT program isn’t covering the entire program.
  3. Vannessa Rodriguez reported that over 100 people attended Market Day. Two more volunteers are needed for the Pre School Halloween Carnival.
  4. Preston Jones put in a request on behalf of Gloria Miller. She is the Snappy Cats Coordinator who has been (personally) shuttling 3 or 4 Snappy Cats to and from practices and performances. Gloria is asking for reimbursement for gasoline costs. Board asks that Preston get the mileage from Gloria and report back.
  5. Stacy Miller introduced herself to the Board. She will taking on the responsibilities that Preston had; see Carolyn’s remarks.


lll.            Unfinished Business

  1. Friday Social – 41 people attended the Sept. 21 event. Those that attended had a good time. Lots of food and beverage left over. Annette read Jody’s written evaluation of the event.
  2. Halloween Bingo will be held on Friday, Oct. 26. Currently, 48 tickets have been purchased. Pizza and salad will be served.
  3. Nominating Committee – Bob Mohler will stay on as Treasurer until another one can be found. Thank you, Bob. Jody Johnson will run for Vice President and Barbara Bacon will replace Linda Ausplund as Trustee.


  1. New Business/Reports
  2. The next Speaker Series is scheduled for Oct. 17.
  3. The Holiday Mixer is scheduled on Friday, Dec. 14, 2:00 – 4:00 pm. We will also

be honoring Jody Johnson as she retires from her position as Trip Coordinator.

Appetizers and beverages will be served. Tickets are $10

  1. The Crab Feed will be relocated to Civic Park as the floors at Heather Farm

are being redone. The Crab feed will be on Jan. 26, 2019. Tickets are $45,

but will go up to $55 after Jan. 1. No tickets at the door.


  1.  Announcements/Ambassadors Report
  2. Trips – Jody has a trip to the Symphony in January and a Valentine surprise in


  1.   Creakers – Don and 20 Creakers worked the Heather Farm fields on Service

Day. The Creaker registration site goes “live” today. Softball registration will

begin Nov. 1.

  1.   PROS – Fred Weston announced that there is a new member of the PROS

Commission, Art Oller. Art happens to be a Senior Club Member and Creaker.


Meeting adjourned at 11:15 am.


Submitted by Linda Ausplund, Trustee








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