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Advisory Board Minutes for March 18, 2019

May 27, 2019

Walnut Creek Seniors Club
Advisory Board Meeting
March 18, 2019


The meeting was called to order at 9:33 am by President Annette Hammond.


Present: Jody Johnson, Bob Mohler, Cindy Mohler, Kent Clancy, Rolando Salazar, Barbara Bacon, Fred Rentschler, Annette Hammond, Jeanne Wolf.  Also in attendance were Carolyn Jackson, Vannessa Rodriguez, Stacy Miller (staff) and Fred Weston from PROS.

Carolyn Jackson spoke first as she had to leave for training. She wanted to discuss the tennis courts in Larkey Park and their use as described in the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between the City and the WCSC (Walnut Creek Senior Club). Karen Heaston manages the contract with the tennis concessionaire. There are 4 courts and apparently two have noticeable cracks. Two Walnut Creek Senior Club members who use the courts have complained that the cracks are deep and want a solution. The Board discussed the matter and decided we need to get better information before looking for a solution. How many members are using the three courts that are designation for the Senior Club members (MWF 9-noon)? Could they move elsewhere? How many are playing? Are they all Senior Club members as required? And signed the waiver?

Fred will go Friday with copies of the membership form and the waivers and report back.



  1. Approval of Agenda – approved.

Approval of Minutes – Corrections by Jody: just one electric mini bus, Barbara Mc Farland is the contact for new Creakers, Mark Pritzlin for member contacts

Treasurer’s Report – Bob reported that there is $55,334 in unrestricted funds in the checking account, $23,702 in restricted for a total of $83,036 in the checking account. This is down. Total Assets are $273,796.  Membership dues are slowing down. He has refunded all the Valentine ticket monies. He has invoiced Alexandra for duplicate invoice reimbursement payments of $360.38. IRS form 1096 has been mailed. In answer to Kent’s question about the Bicycle and Ski clubs – there is no income or outgo from these clubs. Also noted that some categories can be removed from the Financial Report – Snappy Cats, Creaker Crab Feed, County Connection, Living Well Conference. Bob will remove them from the report.

Correspondence – none


  1. Manager/Coordinator Update
    1. Carolyn Jackson – see above
    2. Vannessa Rodriguez – Theater Thursday will be May 16th and they will perform Crimes of the Heart. Tickets are $7 and $10 at the door. Market Day will be outside again as the weather gets better. The Center will be closed April 1-5 for maintenance. April 12 is the Volunteer Recognition Luncheon at Heather Farm with Wilma Lott Catering and Lee Russell Trio. Vannessa stated that most years the WCSC makes a contribution to the cost of the Luncheon. It was decided the Board would address that under new business. Total cost is about $3000 and most paid by the City.
    3. Stacy Miller – The St Patrick’s Day social sold 54 tickets and 52 people attended. Annette thanked Stacy for all her hard work on the successful event. The June 21 Social does not have a theme or plans yet. Barbara volunteered. March Madness (Bazaar Club) has made about $75 in sales for the last two Wednesdays. Alexandra is supposed to come today and Wednesday to clean out her cupboard.  Cinco de Mayo will be held May 3 and Melanie will be coordinating it.


  • Unfinished Business
    1. St Patrick’s Day – Successful with good comments heard. Barbara suggested the tableclothes not be removed prior to the end as people felt rushed. Per Fred only 12 Irish coffees were made. Perhaps skip them next year. Fred also thinks we should add soft drinks.
    2. Melanie’s Contract – A copy of the proposed contract was sent to all Board members prior to the meeting. Discussion. Melanie can’t do the June Social. Kent suggested that the December Holiday party be added to the list of events covered. A motion was made by Fred and seconded by Bob that the contract as sent previous to the Board meeting be approved. Motion carried.
    3. Getting to Know You – This new event starts in April and will be held the 2nd and 4th Mondays from 9-11 am. It will include coffee and cookies. There will be an email reminder to all members.


  1. New Business – (Vannessa and Stacy leave)
    1. June Social – Barbara will work on it. Fred and Kent will do the wine and beer.
    2. Questions for Kevin (Safine) – He will be attending the next Board meeting and we need specific questions to send to him beforehand. Possible questions were discussed and Jeanne is to send out a list of the questions to all by email for further discussion.
    3. Announcements – – none
    4. Volunteer Luncheon Contribution – Vannessa had previously brought up a possible contribution by WCSC to the cost of the luncheon. Fred moved, and Jody seconded it, that WCSC contribute $180 for the cost of entertainment.



Adjourned at 11:20 am


Respectfully Submitted,

Jeanne Wolf



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