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Online resources that help when you go to the movies

July 24, 2019

When I got my first computer in 1982, I thought “This thing is amazing”! I resolved that I would see how much useful work I could get the computer to do. It has never disappointed. The gain outweighs the pain; it has always saved me a ton of work. It has gotten more and more capable as the years go by, and hooking it up to the internet has increased its usefulness geometrically.

That was never more apparent in the Fourth of July week. School’s out, and people are taking vacation to make a full week or a four day weekend. To attract people who are willing to look for discounts Movie theaters offer some ill publicized discounts. Monday is senior day and Tuesday is family day at the Cinemark, Wednesday is senior day at the Maya. Cinemark and the Veranda discount the first showing of every movie. Movie theaters have been coming up with some strange schemes to boost their revenue. Their latest scheme is charging to make online reservations – a service that costs them a fraction of a penny. It was always possible to compare rates on Fandango, but now you can see their seating charts.

We had been planning to see the new Spiderman movie on Tuesday. Unfortunately, that was its opening day, and neither of the Cinemark Theaters were giving the family day discount on Spiderman. We decided to go on Friday. The discount showing for our favorite theater was at 8:30 – much too early to eat lunch afterwards. The only two seats available in our second choice theater was in the front row. We decided to go to our third choice, and ended up in a beautiful theater, with great seats, and a 10:30 showing. Tickets were only $7.50.

And we did all this in the comfort of our home before setting out to the movie. Aren’t computers great?

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