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Advisory Board Minutes for June 17, 2019

August 14, 2019

Walnut Creek Seniors Club
Advisory Board Meeting
June 17, 2019


The meeting was called to order at 9:30 am by President Annette Hammond.


Present: Annette Hammond, Jody Johnson, Bob Mohler, Cindy Mohler, Kent Clancy, Mark Pitzlin, Barbara Bacon, Fred Rentschler, Jeanne Wolf.  Also in attendance were Kat Reisinger, Carolyn Jackson, Vannessa Cendejas (staff) and Fred Weston from PROS.

  1. Approval of Agenda – approved.

Approval of Minutes – approved

Treasurer’s Report – **see below

Introduction of Kat Reisinger, new Recreation Program Director


  1. Manager/Coordinator Update
    1. Kat Reisinger – Kat thanked everyone for their warm welcome. She has been in her position for about 4 weeks and is looking forward to an inclusive partnership with the Walnut Creek Senior Club. She noted that the HVAC system will be replaced in the main building July 8-18 and the backrooms will have no A/C for a while. Some programs will have to be cancelled. The entire building will be closed July 10th.
    2. Carolyn Jackson – Carolyn stated that Adrienne previously applied to the John Muir Health Community Benefit program and in May 2019 the grant came through of $10,000. It must be turned over to an entity with a 501 3 c (WCSC). There is a contribution agreement with the City and Bob Mohler will find and provide it to Carolyn.
    3. Vannessa Cendejos – Market Day had over 100 people last Tuesday and the next Market Day will be July 9th. Giving in Gratitude was with ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) and volunteers worked on landscaping and planted poppies. Theater Thursday had over 50 people who enjoyed the play. On July 16 Lunch and Learn will have the CHP for the program. Plant and Wine will be on July 25th.
    4. Stacy Miller – not in attendance

** Treasurer’s Report – Bob reported that as of May 31, 2019 unrestricted funds were $252,563 and restricted funds were $23,796 for a total of $276,359. The total checking was $84,571.  The approved $200 for piano tuning was reimbursed to Mark who had paid previously. Membership dues are up $3907 from last year and donations are up at $1067. There was an $18,475 positive cash flow. A question was asked about dues being lowered on July 1st.  A motion was made by Fred that dues are lowered to $8 as of July 1st for new members (only) and seconded by Kent.  The motion carried.


  • Unfinished Business
    1. Computer classes – Wayne visited Pleasant Hill Senior Club and they have a computer center. They provide classes and help. Unfortunately WCSC does not have a secure room for computers. Annette stated that her husband would do a once a week drop in or appointment session for computers and iPads. There is a question of the adequacy of the WiFi at the Center. Annette will ask her husband to come in and check. Kat will ask what we can do to get WCSC access to a secure line for our Treasurer. Another suggestion was to get a Hot Spot as it solves the banking and classes issue. Mark will check into that. Annette will check with Bill also. Mark made a motion that Bill Hammond starts to offer a computer drop in class with a time limit for 2-2.5 hours. Fred seconded the motion and it carried.
    2. Speaker Series – Jody would like to resurrect this. She is asking for any suggestions of people and topics. Several suggestions of topics were made: medical marijuana, explanation of HICAP, Veterans and what the VA Hospital has available for them. Kat suggested a speaker on “What do I get for joining WCSC?”  Can we supply discount information from local businesses, etc? A sticker for their windows?  Fred stated he will check with the Rossmoor speaker coordinator for their programs. Mark will check the internet for possible topics, speakers.
    3. Luau – Barbara stated that the Luau is all set to go and sign ups are currently around 40 people. Discussion and agreement that volunteers working at the event also pay for tickets.
    4. Creaker By Laws – The by laws have been changed per the input of WCSC. A motion was made by Mark to accept the updated Creaker By Laws of 6-13-19 which incorporate the WCSC suggestions. Second by Jody. Discussion. Bob stated that the Board has to approve any contracts. The motion carried.
    5. Questions for Kevin – it was decided to postpone the questions until we have time for input from Kat.
  1. New Business
    1. Social in September. Barbara is working on it.
    2. Ice Cream Social – July 12 from 12:30 -2 pm. Help is needed.
  2. Miscellaneous Business –
  3. Annette asked staff for a list of which staff works on which programs.
  4. The General Meeting is in January and the Board and the staff are introduced. Also the drop-in coordinators. Kat suggests we tie it in with free food.
  5. Mahjong Group – they have been told they cannot play for money.
  6. Dannika – she is leaving to teach English in Japan. A search for her replacement is starting.
  7. Lyft – is funded through June of 2020.


Trips – Annette believes the programs are going well.  In July is the Lavender tour and August is Whale Watching.  In August WCSC will be increasing the cost for the trips so that some profit is shown.

Ambassador Reports – Fred has membership application forms from the Tennis Club and so the sign up is concluded.

PROS – Fred stated there have been meeting with the Arts Program concerning what programs are desired going forward based on their presentation to the City on June 10th. There will be future consolidation of some buildings currently used for programs but this will be in the future and funding will need to be found. There are lots of questions to be answered.  The Your Parks Your Future is based on what we have now. Still need to look going forward.


Note by Kent – he cannot review that agreement with John Muir as he is not a practicing attorney. Bob will check it as a non-lawyer.


Meeting was adjourned at 11:18 am


Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Wolf



Next meeting is July 15 in the Multipurpose Room.


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  1. Margaret Babcock permalink

    I would LOVE to see a program like this one offered locally.

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