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California Relay Service (CRS)

August 21, 2019

The California Relay service for the hearing impaired is provided through the CPUC.

CRS provides the full range of Relay services: TTY, Voice Carry Over (VCO), two-line Voice Carry Over (2LVCO), Hearing Carry Over (HCO), Speech-to-Speech (STS), Visually Assisted Speech-to-Speech (VA STS), ASCII, Voice, and Enhanced Voice Carryover (Captioned Telephone or CapTel). Although not provided through CRS, Internet Protocol Relay (IP Relay), Video Relay Services (VRS), and Web CapTel are also available as free, federally reimbursed services.

You can always reach CRS providers toll free.

The CA Relay website lists the most up to date telephone numbers.

On the website, you can set up your Customer Profile, to let CRS know exactly how you want your calls handled.

Your options include:

  • Language
  • Modality
  • Gender of Communications Assistant (CA)
  • Speed Dial of frequently called numbers
  • Long Distance Carrier
  • Slow Typing
  • Customized Greetings/Messages

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