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Whale Watching with the Senior Club

September 4, 2019

I went on the Walnut Creek Senior Club Whale watching trip in August in Monterrey Bay, and I must say they have found the best spot to photograph whales.  We have been whale watching in Cabo and Alaska, and have not found many whales.  They surface unexpectedly, and it’s hard to have the camera pointed in the right direction.

Our boat had a naturalist on board, and she explained that they go to the Sea of Cortez to spawn, because their babies are born without a lot of blubber, and they need the warm water.  Unfortunately, there is no food, so the mothers have to fast.  When the baby whales are big enough to travel north they hit food about Monterrey, and go on a feeding binge.  That happens in August.

They are constantly diving and coming up.  As they feed, they churn up food for the birds and the seals.  All you have to do is point your camera at group of birds or seals, and the whale will surface right at that spot in a minute or two.  I got pictures of flukes and of whales half surfacing.  Unfortunately, they were not in the mood to breach, so no pictures of whales jumping out of the water.

If you are looking for a tour, I definitely suggest you buy a ticket on a boat with a naturalist.  The information that she gave was invaluable.  Our boat was the Sea Goddess and it was nice and well maintained.  However, it rocked more than a cruise ship with its stabilizers turned off.  The crew passed out information on how to avoid seasickness, and they had seasick bags aboard.  If you are susceptible, I suggest you bring medicine.  Also bring a windbreaker, as the breeze was cold.    We were fortunate that the boat wasn’t crowded, as we were happy to sit on an outside seat.  We were able to move from side to side to follow the whales, but standing while trying to hold on with one hand and take a picture was difficult.

I plan to go back In August.  Hope to see you there!


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