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Beware of Porch Pirates

December 15, 2019

Porch pirates (the people who steal packages from your porch), were a problem last Christmas.  Now they are back in force.   They have figured out that some people have cameras on their porches and they are covering their faces.  They follow Amazon trucks, and the news has reported that police found two large dumps of Amazon boxes.

The only solution seems to be to use Amazon lockers.  This can be a problem for the technically challenged, but fortunately it’s really easy to use.   When you place your order, Amazon suggests the address you have previously used.  Instead of selecting an address, look for the option to ship to an Amazon locker (it may be missing if none of the items can go to a locker).  Select it, you can then search by zip code for the nearest locker and select the one you prefer.  If you have items in the cart that can’t be shipped to the locker, you will get a list of your items and their shipping status.  You can decide whether to send the item to your home or delete it.

When your items arrive, Amazon will send you an email.  Save it – you will need the bar code to pick up your package.  You will have three days to pick up your items from the locker.  If you have email on your smart phone, you can display the email and use it in the barcode scanner.  If you don’print it out on paper and put the printout under the scanner.  The door will open when the machine has successfully scanned the barcode.  On my favorite pickup locker, the arrow always points in the wrong direction.  But you will find the open locker door if you look for it.  Take your package before you shut the door.  Enjoy.


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