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Newsletter Roulette

June 22, 2020

this is not an FYI post

For the time being, the newsletter is being produced by volunteers on the Seniors Club board.  We are sending by email, due to resource constraints.

Unfortunately, it’s like the Wild West out in email land.  First, we don’t send to people who asked to get no email from us.  Then, a number of email providers see a lot of copies going to their members, decide it’s spam, and don’t pass it through at all.  Then our member’s email programs decide it’s spam and place it in the spam bucket.  Gmail has a category called Promotions which most advertisements end up in.  I finally found my June newsletter in Promotions, but my husband got his in the inbox.  Go figure.

The July newsletter went out July 19.  If you have not received it contact You can greatly increase your chances of getting it in the future if you add to your contacts or address book to prevent the future newsletters from going to your Junk or Spam folder.  Do it now!  Your newsletter will not be delivered by Pony Express!

We haven’t forgotten our members who don’t have email.

The  Seniors Club currently has 200 members who do not have the internet. These tend to be seniors who are older and more isolated. The Club pays to have the newsletter printed for hand delivery to those seniors. Senior Center staff have developed a group of volunteers in the program, Neighbor Express, who among other things, deliver the printed newsletter to our 200 seniors without internet.  This person to person visit, while social distancing, is important because these seniors often have few visitors and tend to be lonely.

A Seniors Club Board member received phone calls from at least 7 different people who had the last newsletter personally delivered to their front door. Every one of them was thrilled and delighted to be remembered. Two of them wanted to know if they could expect this to happen again – it meant that much to them.
If you know someone who would like to receive the Seniors Club News, email

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