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Senior Center Closed Until Further Notice

June 25, 2020

The Civic Park Community Center is closed indefinitely and all activities are canceled.  The center was closed on March 12 by the Contra Costa Board of Health; it was supposed to reopen March 26.  To add insult to injury, the shelter in place has been extended indefinitely by the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors, and they are even going backward.  But at least we finally can get a haircut.

It has been 119 days since this madness started.

When can we stop counting?

The Lyft program is still running, but due to budget cuts Lyft services will face greater restrictions and potential reductions.

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  1. Pamela H Rodriguez 925-878-0651 permalink

    I mailed applications and checks to join 3 new members in early March, I have not heard back, please help us join, thank you. Pamela

    • Hello Pamela. My name is Bob Mohler, I am the Treasurer of the Walnut Creek Seniors Club. Your 3 application forms have been caught up in the COVID 19 lockdown. The Senior Club is housed in a City of Walnut Creek building, the Civic Park Community Center. This building has been physically closed since March 11. All mail was held at the Post Office. A City staff member recently picked up the mail and I got your checks and application about a week ago. Our membership records are maintained on a City of Walnut Creek database. The staff member who maintained the database was laid off as a result of budget problems associated with Covid 19. I passed your application information to a senior staff member and they assured me they would add you to the database as soon as they have some time. Once you are added to the database, you should start receiving our email newsletters. I’m sorry for the delay in processing.applications. Maybe things will return to normal one of these days.

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