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Walking Buddies

Welcome to the Walking Buddies Group!  We are all members of the Walnut Creek Seniors’ Club and meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays to do a little exercise with nice people who enjoy walking and hiking. However, to join our group you must be a member of the Walnut Creek Seniors’ Club.

The Tuesday group is generally a beginner’s group for those who have not been walking or hiking in a while and want to get back in shape and for those who just don’t like to walk by themselves.

On Tuesdays, we walk segments of the Contra Costa Canal Trail, the Iron Horse Trail, the Lafayette-Moraga Trail and several other trails we have “blazed.”  The segments are usually paved, flat and easy to walk.  Almost everyone can do them at their own pace since we walk approximately 2 miles in one direction and return the same way.  If someone is slower than the others or gets tired, they can turn back to the starting point or wait for the group to catch up with them on the return.  There is little chance you will get lost and if you have a cell phone, we can keep in touch, if necessary.

The walks are a total of 3 to 4 miles and last approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours.  Many of the Tuesday group members also hike on Thursdays.  We gather at the Senior Center at 8:15 A.M. and leave promptly at 8:30 A.M. in car pools.  There is a $1 drop-in fee.

The Thursday group goes on more aggressive walks and hikes.  We generally go into the nearby Open Spaces, Regional and State parks and follow trails that are gravel, dirt or sometimes paved.  We mostly hike where there are gentle slopes, although sometimes there are moderate ones that can be a little strenuous.  Most people who have been hiking and walking for a while or have been with the Tuesday group several times can do the Thursday hikes without much trouble.  Hikers should be able to manage a 5-mile moderate hike with some elevation gain up to 600-800 feet.  We also gather for these hikes at the Senior Center at 8:15 A.M. and leave at 8:30 A.M. in car pools.  There is a $1 drop-in fee.

The Thursday group also plans occasional all-day hikes in different places in the Bay Area. Sign up is required and members must have hiked with our group at least twice in the previous two months.  We have gone to locations such as the Marin Headlands, Angel Island in San Francisco Bay, Uvas Regional Park near Gilroy and Point Reyes in the North Bay.  We typically leave Walnut Creek about 9 A.M. from Heather Farm, carpool to the location, hike for an hour or so, have a box lunch and hike another hour or so.  We return to Walnut Creek between 3 P.M. and 4 P.M.  The drop-in fee depends on the distance we will travel.  If we use the BART system, we each pay our own fares.

About once or twice a year, hikes are planned to places like Yosemite, Lake Tahoe and Asilomar.  Sign up is also required for these and the requirement of having hiked twice in the previous two months with us applies.  Space is limited.  The outing is usually planned for two or three days.  Accommodations are reserved near the hike area and rooms are shared.  The organizers will advise hikers how much the event will cost, collect the money and pay for the costs incurred.  Meals are in local eateries and food is also taken and shared by the hikers for group meals.

We welcome all new hikers.  Join us and have a great time.


For Tuesday hikes, contact:
Rolando Salazar, (925) 934-8830
John Walkinshaw, (925) 933-8220

For Thursday hikes, contact:
Anne Sheldon, (925) 930-0259
Mona Taucher, (925) 937-9041



2017 Schedule      June – December



Thu – 1 Open  
Tue – 6 Iron Horse Trail: Walden Park to Monument Blvd. R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu – 8 Birthday Hike: TBD Roger Lamm/Y.K.Chan
Tue -13 Newhall Park to Cowell Rd. R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu -15 Benicia-Town and Neighborhoods Cheryl Douglas


Tue -20 Black Diamond Mines Trail, Clayton R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu -22 TBD Judy Niver
Tue -27 Contra Costa Canal Trail: Gregory Lane to Golf Club Rd. R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu -29 San Francisco Louise Rowland



Tue – 4 Center Closed: Independence Day R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu – 6 Open  
Tue -11 Iron Horse Trail: Rudgear/Danville Rds. to Stone Valley Rd. R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu -13 Open  
Tue -18 Contra Costa Canal Trail: Heather Farm to Geary Rd. R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu -20 TBD Rolando Salazar
Tue -25 Castle Rock Regional Park R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu -27 Open  



Tue – 1 Contra Costa Canal Trail: Tioga Rd. to Willow Pass Rd. R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu – 3 Open  
Tue – 8 Contra Costa Canal Trail: Citrus Ave. to Tioga Rd. R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu -10 Open  
Tue -15 Contra Costa Canal Trail along Grayson Creek R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu -17 Open  
Tue -22 Lime Ridge Open Space Concord and CC Canal Trail R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu -24 Open  
Tue -29 Lafayette-Moraga Trail: Comm. Center to Rheem Blvd. R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu – 31 Open  



Tue – 5 Markham Arboretum to Newhall Park R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu – 7 Shell Ridge Open Space-China Wall Janine/John Walkinshaw
Tue -12 Delta-De Anza Trail (Driftwood Dr. to Pt. Chicago) R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu -14 Open  
Tue -19 Neighborhood Walk: Calif. Hkg and Rdg Trail via Discovery R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu -21 Tilden Regional Park Louise Rowland
Tue -26 Hidden Lakes Park R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu -28 TBD Judy Niver



Tue – 3 Neighborhood Walk: Kirker Pass Rd. to Peacock Way R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu – 5 Redwood Regional Park Virginia Lombardo
Tue -10 Lake Los Medanos and Delta-De Anza Trail R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu -12 Open  
Tue -17 Iron Horse Trail: Civic Park to Pleasant Hill BART Station R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu -19 TBD Rolando Salazar
Tue -24 Sugarloaf Regional Park to Shell Ridge Open Space R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu -26 Lime Ridge Open Space Bill Barber
Tue – 31 Iron Horse Trail: Civic Park to Rudgear/Danville Rd. R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw



Thu – 2 Open  
Tue – 7 Carquinez Straits R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu – 9 Bollinger Canyon Y.K. Chan
Tue -14 Neighborhood Walk: Rudgear/Livorna Estates R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu -16 Open  
Tue -21 Martinez Regional Shoreline and Waterfront Park R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu -23 Center Closed: Thanksgiving Break  
Tue -28 Newhall Community Park R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu – 30 Open  



Tue – 5 Iron Horse Trail: Paraiso Dr. to Crow Canyon Blvd. R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu – 7 San Francisco Christmas Walk Louise Rowland
Tue -12 Lafayette Community Park: Silverado Entrance R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu -14 Open  
Tue -19 Larkey Park to Rodgers-Johnson Park R.Salazar/J.Walkinshaw
Thu -21 Open  
Tue -26 Center Closed: Christmas Break  
Thu -28 Center Closed: New Year’s Break  


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